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We manufacture high-quality desk organizers and other desk accessories for more than 17 years. It provides a superior, stylish, and functional solution for professional people with smart working, no matter whether you are at the office or at home!

It is well known that people use desk accessories and office supplies in the office or at home. But the epidemic has changed how many people work; home office or remote mobile office has become a popular trend. And the purchase of home office decorations and some desk accessories products have become the first choice of many people; from many retail platforms sales of hot products, we can see a glimpse of the two.




The remote work is likely to continue well beyond the pandemic in some form or another. Therefore, an organized & comfortable workplace at home is an essential condition. Studies show an organized workplace helps people focus 167% longer than a cluttered one. That’s why we’re here to help people create the perfect make-shift desk set-up with everything they need. Improve the efficiency and comfort when you work from home.

Johnshen offers a variety of quality desk organizers and accessories to match any interior theme or aesthetic and help improve any office and home.
Our R&D team will develop nearly 40 new products every quarter based on the latest market trends.
A self-owned mold center ensures the capability of autonomous molding and high-precision of the mold.
We focus on providing high performance-cost ratio superior products. We invite you to join us and turn your ideas into reality.

Lucky 8 Desk Organizer Series

Bright Colors Desk Organizer Serie


JOHNSHEN integrates sustainability into product development in ways that advance our business, help our customers achieve their sustainability goals, and honor our commitments as a responsible corporate citizens.


RPET is created by recycling plastics that were previously used as packaging materials. The raw materials we use come from recycled bottles. Bottles undergo professional sorting, disinfection, crushing, and performance modification, and finally return to the workshop for production. The raw materials we use are safe and reliable.


The raw materials we use come from office equipment. Office equipment undergoes professional sorting, disinfection, crushing, and performance modification, and finally returns to the workshop for production. The raw materials are safe and reliable.


The Polypropylene Recycling Process comprises professional sorting, disinfection, crushing, performance modification, and finally return to the workshop for producing new products. When Polypropylene is recycled, there is a reduction in the consumption of raw, finite resources, such as oil and propane gas.


For World Centric, straw is a valuable resource that can be fashioned into disposable products like plates, take-out containers, bowls, etc. We use wheat straw power mixed with plastic powder to produce products to reduce the percentage of plastic.


Our R&D team consists of 72 members, most of them have more than 10 years of experience, and we regularly organize professional skills training. We keep very close cooperation with design companies in Europe and Australia to create innovative products with ergonomics, function of utility model and keeping up with market trends.


We have been awarded 262 product appearance patents, including 63 EU and overseas patents, 7 utility model patents, 6 invention patents and 1 copyright.

In 2019, we won two Red Dot Awards for Industrial Design. In 2020 and 2021, we received the Canton Fair Design Awards. On the road of stationery R&D, we keep moving forward.

We have a professional plastic factory to manufacture a full range of plastic stationery and office supplies to meet your sourcing needs. Our self-owned mold center has the capacity to make high-precision molds.

The factory is audited by BSCI, SEDEX, Carrefour, Tesco, Target, Staples, OD, Kmart, etc.

The factory adopts SOP for orderly management. We have our own quality inspection team, which conducts abstract inspection according to SOP process.

What may you be concerned about during the cooperation? In our humble opinion, one of the points must be the self-owned manufacturer. Since many tradeshows are delayed because of the epidemic, it’s getting harder for buyers to find competent suppliers.

Here are some reasons for you to rely on us.

  • Full range of desktop supplies: Magazine File, Pen Container, Letter Tray, Monitor Stand, etc.
  • The expert design team cooperates with overseas design studios.
  • The latest trendy design is based on market research.
  • Automatic production lines ensure high-quality and stable controlled production.
  • One-stop solution solves your after-sale problems.

Do you want to check the factory audit reports? Let us know.

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