Why We Choose HIPS to Make This Desk Organizer-“Lucky 8”?

Desk Organizer ECO series – “Lucky 8.”

Usually, we see desk organizers and office supplies, including magazine holders, file trays, pen holders, notice sticker boxes, various trays, business card boxes, etc. Generally, these products are ABS, PP, HIPS, PET, and wooden and iron versions. For different customers and different markets, there will be some differences in the preferred materials and styles.

Introduction of desk organizer – “Lucky 8”

So today we are proud to introduce this product. It is our factory molded products this year. Our office group development team designed the appearance and the German design company cooperation research and development. After several rounds of mold adjustment finally formed the “Lucky 8” series. At present, it has already been listed in the European market, and the response is good.

The appearance of simple but not loses the sense of design, both for home office use and suitable for use in the office. The incredible thing is that you can combine these eight products into a complete set, very space-saving; of course, shipping costs will be much less than the conventional products. For buyers, this must be a factor that they want to take into account.

Currently, we have two versions of this series, one is made of ordinary HIPS material, and the other is RHIPS, that is, recycled HIPS material.

What are HIPS and RHIPS?

polystyrene resin – plastic material

We have to say choosing the suitable plastic for your application can be confusing, mainly if you are new to the industry.

HIPS is the English abbreviation for impact-resistant polystyrene resin. The primary raw material is styrene, with high rigidity, high impact resistance, dimensional stability, easy molding and processing, and many other characteristics that can be widely used in home appliances, instruments, apparatus, toys, and disposable toys packaging, construction field.

The main advantages of material: HIPS

1. HIPS is a high impact strength material, more than four times higher than ABS. 

As the name implies, HIPS is a form of PS that carries a high impact strength. Homopolymer PS is usually very brittle and can be made more impact-resistant when combined with other materials. This form of PS is generally produced by adding about 5-10% rubber or butadiene copolymers. This increases the toughness and impact strength of the polymer and has a very tough product ideal for packaging applications. Due to the durability of this material, it is widely used in packaging applications in the food, medical, consumer, cosmetic, industrial, and horticultural markets.

2. HIPS is compatible with food packaging applications:

HIPS is available in FDA-approved grades and is compatible with food packaging applications. The rigid nature of this material makes it ideal for food packaging applications such as cookie and bakery trays or deli sandwich clamshells. While the moisture vapor transmission numbers aren’t as good as with other polymers, HIPS has inherent moisture barrier properties that make this material suitable for short shelf-life products.

3. HIPS is an excellent printable substrate:

High impact polystyrene can be decorated using various printing methods, including screen printing, offset lithography, and flexography. This material is compatible with the corona treatment processes, which helps mitigate problems with adhesion to the plastic.

4. HIPS is a recyclable material:

HIPS is a 100% recyclable material and is identified by the resin ID code’ 6.’ According to the 2015-16 Centralized Study on Availability of Recycling, it is estimated that between 20 – 60% of the US population has access to recycling programs that accept PS products such as cups, containers, clamshells, and lids, while less than 20% have access to programs that take PS cutlery, Foam PS trays/containers, foam clamshells, and other EPS packaging. 

5. HIPS can be easily customized:

HIPS is an easily customized material and is available in virtually any color under the sun. This material is compatible with various processes and is available in a vast range of colors, finishes, and additive package formulations. 

Although the impact strength of HIPS plastic material is very high, its elongation is more minor than ABS. Therefore, the screw holes designed on the shell are more easily broken by self-tapping screws. Due to the addition of rubber components, the surface gloss also becomes dull, and the surface is not lustrous;

HIPS plastic material has poor thermal stability and low heat resistance.

Currently, our lucky8 series only made two colors, dark green, and navy blue; the overall texture looks more stable, simple, and understated.

Why use RHIPS material?

The raw materials we use come from office equipment. Office equipment undergoes professional sorting, disinfection, crushing, and performance modification and finally returns to the workshop for production. The raw materials are safe and reliable. Improving the environment is a career that we are willing to contribute.

The topic of sustainability is becoming increasingly important and is also of commercial relevance for Johnshen Stationery. Certificates and evidence are playing an increasing role. More sustainable products are, and remains, a key goal of our sustainability strategy.

Our responsibility is to make products that are durable and safe. We are continually adding to our sustainable product line to help our customers achieve their own sustainability goals.

Why choose our desk organizer “Lucky 8” series?

“Lucky 8” Desk Organizer Set designed by Johnshen Stationery

From the google trend, HIPS heat this year has been maintained at about 75. The combination of the two will collide with what kind of water splash?

1. Material.

Usually, we see desktop office products in the market to PP, ABS-based. In recent years, bamboo, wood, and iron are also more prevalent for desktop office materials. This set of Lucky8 products uses HIPS material, with high rigidity, high impact resistance, dimensional stability, and easy shape processing.

2. Appearance.

We can see that the appearance of this product and other similar products or a lot of differences, the first is that we have left behind the sharp sense of angular, choose a more soft line. This series contains a total of 8 small parts; these eight parts can be perfectly combined into a complete set so that the set control in size: 325 * 250 * 80mm (12.8 * 9.8 * 3.2IN), so that the space in the transport process is significantly reduced, shipping costs can also be saved at least 50%. For the buyer, this is not very tempting.

3. Design concept.

The development of our series is in cooperation with a well-known German design company. After several months of polishing and optimization by designers from both sides, the final design of this product. The whole product gives a low-key, soft, atmospheric, and straightforward style.

Why choose Johnshen Stationery as your parterner?

1. We have strong and professional R&D team.

Johnshen’s R&D group comprises 72 designers. We design new products to satisfy the market demands each quarter. Meanwhile, we cooperate sincerely with design studios from the US, Germany, England, and Australia. Besides, our sales staff are professional on products and always react quickly to our customers.

How does the desk organizer “Lucky8” come out?

Take this LUCKY8 series as an example; we cooperate with a well-known German design company.

After doing preliminary research, the other company came up with the first draft of the design, and then our designers to test, polish, modify, and finally determined the feasibility of the program; and took more than three months to communicate with the factory, change, and adjust the first set of molds. Our designers and engineers were always on-site to observe and propose modifications until we finally made the product during the process.

After the first mock-up sample came out, our engineers found some problems, and they made modifications on-site and then came back to discuss the best adjustment plan with the designer. After this many rounds of communication, testing, and revision, the final product became relatively perfect.

2.Our one-stop solution team always react to your question in one working day.

We don’t want to waste your time, and you have no necessary to know how good we are unless you cooperate with us.

Our salesmen must react to you in one working day, and if they can’t solve your problem, the salesman has to report to their higher level until your problem is solved.

We suppose your questions are about the materials, price, process, design, package, order quantity, color, payment term, etc. You will get satisfactory answers from us.

Besides, we support your small first order quantity for these new lanched products. We understand that you need to test your local market. For example, for this desk organizer, “Lucky8”, we got much positive feedback from our coming to be a customer at the fairs, and we can accept order quantity lower than usual. We think that will be a win-win situation.

3.Strong support from our factory

Our factory has a complete SOP process from order receipt to shipment, and we can even issue you a detailed production process follow-up sheet. You can contact us anytime you want to know how far your order has gone. Timely production and shipment is the most basic operation of the factory to support us. In addition, the factory is close to the port, so it is also very convenient for the goods to be loaded into the warehouse. Most importantly, our factory has passed the factory inspection of many famous international retail customers, such as OfficeDepot, Walmart, Kmart, ASDA, etc. So you can trust our strength.

In the end, we’d like to show how to pack the accessories into a whole set by the below video link. Please feel free to contact us if you have any queries about this product or our company.


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