Content Summary: There is a total of three parts to this article. 

1. About the trend of Work From Home; 

2. What relative products do we have for your selection? 

3. How can we help when you decide to purchase for your markets?

First, let’s look at the two trend images from Google trends.

As one of the buzzwords that came from the pandemic, work from home is no longer strange. You can see the popularity of the last 12 months in the U.S. from the trend image by Google trends. 

From the Home Office Survey: Work From Home Trends in 2021

We can FIND that 92% of respondents have designated workspace in their homes. 

As we can see from the report analyzed by GALLUP, 45% of full-time employees working partly or wholly remotely in September 2021, and nine in ten remote workers want to maintain remote work to some degree. These figures are unchanged from distant working rates in July and 

August, signaling that U.S. companies’ return-to-office plans remain on hold.

Office products new release as per the research

In response to this situation, many products related to home offices have come out in the market one after another. As a decision-maker or a person in charge of a purchasing project, how do you choose the products in line with the trend to stimulate consumption and help your company increase sales? You must have your unique insights. 

We have done a lot of market research and analysis, and combined with the current trend to develop new products. It has been proven that many products sell well, for our customers also brought a very hit margin growth.

So next, let me take you to cut from several angles to see precisely which product lines have stimulated our customers’?

These desk organizer products make your home office environment simple and organized in the first category.

The basic but classic desk organizers collection

The most basic function of our desktop office supplies is to help us make our desktops neater and more organized look. Everything is organized and clean, and it feels much more welcoming and pretty. It’s almost easier to breathe! 

Get rid of everything that you don’t need, organize your files in a system, and find a place for every item to leave as many free surfaces as possible. As we know, clear space helps to clear your mind. 

Based on this concept, we have designed different series according to the other materials. Keep reading, and you’ll find out more choices.

First, let’s look at the iron desk accessories series.

This series now has a complete product line. The series contains computer stands, magazine holders, trays, sorting racks, trash cans, tablet stands, pen holders, etc.

The industrial style of the series, more neutral, is very suitable for office people to buy in sets. Whether in the office or at home in the study, they are ideal for use.

The texture of the iron, giving a relatively heavy feeling. The product itself is also severe enough, so it’s no need to worry that the products won’t withstand the gravity of the problem.

Time to add these sustainable products

If your company has a line of sustainable products, it is time to add this series to your product category. Using natural materials in an office environment improves employees’ job attitudes and mental health. And who would argue that they also look fantastic when combined in one stylish interior? 

Bamboo desktop organizer accessories set looks nature

There are so many ways to use natural elements to make your office space cozy and slick! Wood, stone, and bamboo are the most commonly used materials. Look for matching organizers, similarly designed items, and sets of valuable tools like bamboo stand on the image above. 

The entire series is made from bamboo, which is very natural and meets the current design trend. Since the material is bamboo, it needs much more manual polishing, which increases the cost 2-3 times.

European customers prefer this PAPER FOLDING series.

We cooperated with German Design Studio to design this series. We kept adjusting and optimizing for more than one year and finally came out with the very textured office organizers set. We proudly got the “red dot design award” for this set. More and more customers from other markets gradually accept this set and purchase.

Like it or not, the home has become the new workplace. So not only do the office supplies companies need to purchase the Work From Home products, but the Home Decor companies also need to add this line. The needs market is getting bigger and bigger.

Nowadays, people have more time to stay at home and work from home. Except for the requirements to clean and organize the workspace, more and more consumers have moving needs. So how to please your body with our comfy tools?

Besides the ergonomic desks and chairs, what about the other parts of your workspace? We know that the comfier it is for you to sit in your home offices, the more productive you’ll be there. Care about your spine and posture? Well, your arms, feet, and even buttocks need some love too! 

Here are some excellent tools your customers can use to level up the comfort of their offices at home: 

Above are just some of the new releases of the year 2021, and we have relative choices for desk accessories like desk mat, mouse pad, etc. So we almost consider all the supplies the consumers need to use. 

From here, you can see our capability of industry resources; we are not just stationery suppliers; we can supply you with more reliable service, including sourcing the surrounding products for you.

You may feel worried about quality control. We have a professional Q.C. team to arrange the factory audit and quality inspection; we also own a lab to make some physical and chemical tests for you.

Terms of packaging

guests generally choose to use P.P. bags first and then into a corrugated cardboard box. If the customer needs, we can design the product logo printing and carton packaging printing for free; if you need to create the supermarket visit PDFQ, we can also do the effect to show the guests. We have ample experience in this area.

As a leading stationery manufacturer, how can we support your business?

1. We can send you the relative e-catalogs by mail.

2. We will send the quotation in one working day after sending us the inquiry.

3. We will send the samples for free until you approve the quality.

4. Arrange Zoom meeting for order details as you need.

5. Arrange the production as per SOP.

6. Different markets need different testing reports for the products, and we will do the tests at your request.

7. Inspection will be arranged for the order and report to you if you need.

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