The journey of the erasable pen, a beloved tool for students, professionals, and creatives alike, is fascinating and filled with innovations to make writing a more forgiving task. In this blog post, we will delve into the erasable pen’s history, explore its features and uses, introduce some of the most renowned brands in the market, and showcase Johnshen Stationery’s top-selling erasable pens, which have seen a staggering 100% increase in sales this year.

The Birth of the Erasable Pen

Erasermate (known as the Replay in Europe and Brazil) is an erasable pen introduced by the Paper Mate division of the Gillette Company in 1979. The erasable pen, as we know it, has an intriguing origin story. The first erasable pens can be traced back to the early 1970s when the Paper Mate company introduced the world to the Erasermate. It was a groundbreaking concept—ink that could be written with the smoothness of a ballpoint pen yet possessed the unique ability to be erased akin to a pencil’s graphite.

In 1979/80 Paper Mate introduced two retractable versions of the Erasermate; called the TW200 and TW400, they carried retail prices of $7.50 and $9.50 respectively. The TW name was possibly[according to whom?] used to signify “twist,” as both the ink cartridge and the eraser would retract by twisting the pen tip, which clicked into place when fully exposed. To close, the user would twist it in the other direction, hiding the ink and eraser inside the pen’s body.

The erasable ink took over a decade to develop. It contains rubber cement and needs to be pressurized slightly for continuous flow during use. A positive consequence of this pressure is that writing is possible through a wider range of paper-to-pen angles than with non-erasable ballpoint pens.

Features That Stand Out

The primary feature of an erasable pen is its erasability. However, modern incarnations combine thermochromic ink technology, which turns clear under friction generated heat, making the writing vanish. These pens offer the convenience of a pen with the flexibility of a pencil—a perfect blend for the drafter and students.

Diverse Applications

The magic of the erasable pen lies in its versatility. It’s a godsend for students jotting down notes or anyone prone to making frequent revisions. Its utility extends to the world of crafting, where precision is paramount, and mistakes are no longer a reason for panic.

How Do Erasable Pens Work?

Erasable pens, also known as frixion pens, typically use a thermosensitive ink technology to allow the user to erase the marks made by the pen. This heat-sensitive technology is based on the physical property of the ink to become transparent when it reaches a specific temperature.

Here’s a detailed explanation of how thermosensitive ink in erasable pens works:

Composition of Thermosensitive Ink:

Thermosensitive ink contains three main components: a color developer, a color former, and a color-changing compound.


      1. Color Developer: This fatty acid derivative often creates the initial color in conjunction with the former color.

    2. Color Former: This is often a leuco dye (leuco means “white” in Greek, referring to the colorless form of the dye) that interacts with the color developer to produce the visible ink color.

    3. Color-Changing Compound: This substance, often a weak acid or salt, acts as a temperature controller and is activated by heat, causing a reversible change in the color complex.

    How the Technology Works:

    When you write with a thermosensitive pen, the color developer and color former interact at room temperature, producing the color of the ink on the paper. However, when the ink is subjected to heat—usually around 60°C (140°F), but this can vary depending on the ink formulation—the color-changing compound disrupts the chemical bond between the developer and the former, causing the ink to become colorless and thus “erasing” the mark.

    This reaction does not remove the ink from the paper; instead, the ink becomes transparent, and the mark it leaves is no longer visible to the human eye.

    The Erasing Process:

    The way users generate heat to erase the ink is typically through friction. Erasable pens often come with a rubber eraser at the end (or in a separate device), which, when rubbed against the paper, generates enough heat due to friction to cause the thermosensitive reaction that “erases” the ink.


    Thermosensitive ink technology has certain limitations. Exposing the ink to temperatures below the activation temperature can potentially reverse the color change, making the “erased” writings reappear. This is called the “freezer effect” because placing a paper with erased entries in a cold environment (like a freezer) can cause the ink to revert to its original color.

    Additionally, because the ink is still present on the paper, although transparent, it can sometimes be revealed under certain types of lighting or by using special tools, which can be a security concern in some contexts.

    Products that use thermosensitive technology are continually improving, but users should be aware of such limitations, especially for documents requiring permanency or subject to temperature extremes.

    Renowned Erasable Pen Brands

    Several brands have made their mark in the erasable pen industry, with Pilot’s FriXion line and Paper Mate’s Replay being household names. Their products are known for their reliability, range of colors, and ease of use.


    Johnshen Stationery’s Erasable Collection

    Now, let’s talk about our pride and joy at Johnshen Stationery. We have dedicated years to perfecting the erasable pen, and we’re thrilled to present our top-selling models that have doubled in sales this year:


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      2. Retractable pens with erasable thermo-sensitive gel ink.

      3. Erasable gel ink pen, double writing distance, non-refillable
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